13 ouija boards of the black magic, deep sexual healing kind...

meet the first bugbee black magic board...


the history of this project is long. years long.

what started as a brief promotional thought during the filming of club satan, was quickly forgotten...

until my pal chris proven, a master carpenter approached me to do a ouija board for a project much like the one I took on, if not the same thing… I can't recall the details, but I started moving forward on ideas for a board and asked my pal ugly shyla to do some art for a board too… thinking chris and I would bang out boards with other occult artists… or maybe chris thought that and I acted.

at some point in the process of trying to make this happen, chris hit a rough patch in his life and survival was all he could focus on so I took the project on 100%.

a ouija board might be the dream of every occult artist… for me, it sure does feel dreamy. I'm very proud of these boards, the quality and the craftmans ship that have raised a simple game board to a fine art quality item of occult history.

I've used the best and most practical wood I could find, a fine russian plywood. it's the same kind of heavy duty yet light wood that is used to make skate boards… the ink used to screen print them is a indestructible ink used for high traffic areas, like a bus stop bench… this ink will never rub away, ever.

the boards are all hand made, hand sanded, stained and screen printed, with a slight, all natural protective coating.

for extra spook and safety, I only worked on these boards during the full moon.

I've also made all of the packaging, by hand… including screen printing and painting the boxes.

this really escalated from a creative idea for a cool and meaningful piece of product, to an art project that has produced ouija boards and planchets that are individually original and one of a kind… I consider each of them a one off piece of art.

the quality is nothing less than museum standard.

again, fine art quality for sure.

I will not re-print these.

there have only been 13 produced and only 10 of those are available for sale.

I have plans for more designs and also to print and produce ouija boards from other occult artists that have my eye, attention and affection.

I've had to list the boards individually, taking care and time to photograph each planchette and board… the presentation is never fun and is very time consuming… but, each board and planchet deserved this investment… I really do consider each of them their own self, a being, a living breathing and TALKING work of art.

I've listed most for sale at my store… artworkofprophecy.com

all of them have also been listed here, on my personal website individually… for those who wish to see as much of each of my newest family members, up close where all their unique qualities shine.

all individual links will follow.

some planchets glow, some are clear, some both… if they are clear, I've included a video of their illuminating factors.

you can buy them here: https://artworkofprophecy.com/collections/art-odd/products/bugbee-black-magic-boards-part-one-i-want-you-to-want-me


lilith: http://www.shanebugbee.com/?p=3315

mephistopheles: http://www.shanebugbee.com/?p=3284

angel of darkness: http://www.shanebugbee.com/?p=3299

diabolus: http://www.shanebugbee.com/?p=3259

the beast: http://www.shanebugbee.com/?p=3240

samael:  http://www.shanebugbee.com/?p=3206

lucifer: http://www.shanebugbee.com/?p=3181

thedevil: http://www.shanebugbee.com/?p=3166

satan: http://www.shanebugbee.com/?p=3148

kingofhell: http://www.shanebugbee.com/?p=3220


13 black magic, deep sex, ouija boards from shane bugbee on Vimeo.