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The new school Baphomet SCREEN-PRINTED Back patch set

This set includes

- 12"x 14" back patch

- 5" x 6" patch

Hand screen printed on heavy duty canvas and waiting your eye for the good-good on the you-you. Be it a jacket, a pair of pants or even made into a pillow... this set is the perfect devilish up-cycling helper.

ABOUT THE NEW SCHOOL BAPHOMET: A new era demands a new point to the un-holy star! This added point is to highlight the pursuit of occult knowledge. After all, you come to the goat seeking knowledge over identity, correct?

Take this new take on the ol'goat and add it to everywhere it might behoove you!

Designed by friend of Anton LaVey, and a foundational issue and co-creator behind The Satanic Temple, Shane Bugbee. This is Shane's personal Bahoment - surprisingly - he was the first to do this and quickly took claim to it.