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Satanic Almanac!! nebula zine edition!

Satanic Almanac!! nebula zine edition!

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size: 6.625" x 10.25  - page count: 120 pages - cover: perfect bound, full color, gloss

As Satanism goes from a fluid thought, to a water-downed meaningless religion of fools, where on-line preachers profess knowledge of a subject they seem to know little about, the Satanic Almanac is born.

In this, the Nebula Zine Edition, we start  the conversation with thought-provoking dialogue edited from a discussion between Shane Bugbee, friend of Anton LaVey, and his grandson Stanton LaVey.

Both Bugbee & LaVey have spent their lives not solely studying, but actually living the life of public Satanists. They have done the heavy lifting for you. Learn from their mistakes as they challenge the ideas Stanton’s grandfather, Anton LaVey, the founder of Satanism, laid down.

Satanism is all too often seen as a mere variant of desire and hedonism. Satanism also grows rife with religious thinking. Online preachers offer easy answers to questions only the individual can answer. Bugbee believes that Satanism is under threat. 

Taking to heart Anton LaVey’s famous line “It’s too bad that stupidity isn’t painful,” The Satanic Almanac is the shunned American intellectuals passionate defense of Satanism as a fluid thought, rather than a static idea.

For Bugbee, Satanism is an existential project, a constantly unfolding quest for truth. This quest begins with a curiosity beyond what is taught through parents and school This quest is an event that forever changes an individual, challenging them “to see the world from the point of view of ALL rather than one.” This, Bugbee believes, is Satanisms most essential transforming power. 

The idea for the Satanic Almanac is simple. Keep Satanism a philosophy and not a religion. Religion is where thought goes to die. Religion is static, it is something of rules and something you CAN nail to the wall… unlike the Satanist, a creature born who can not be stuck to the wall.

Religion is for those who need direction and rules. Very antithetical to the nature of Satanism.

In general, Satanism is the pursuit of knowledge, secret knowledge… the knowledge and ideas most are afraid to discuss. The Satanist cultivates the dangerous mind, curious and free. 

The Satanic Almanac will serve as a conversation ALL can participate in, on-line. 

Let this Nebula Zine Edition be YOUR spark to join the conversation, on-line, every year as we celebrate the high un-holy holiday of Walpurgis on April 30th using the hashtag #satanicalmanac2022 and of course changing the year each and every year for thousands of years to come.

As Stanton mentions in the first part of their edited down conversation, "Satanism might just be the birth of all that modern philosophy aspires to be."

As we enter the age of un-doing, let us re-think the philosophies of the past, let us be bold and add to them in the public realm, let your ideas be challenged and torn to shreds… what survives moves forward and what doesn’t lies dead as a valiant effort of thought and evolution.


** This book ships mid December.

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